Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Vance Kelly Foo Fighters Perth Poster Release

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Foo Fighters have kicked off their tour as they are paving Australia and New Zealand in Concrete and Gold.

Vance Kelly kicked things off with his poster for the show in Perth Australia.

Foo Fighters, Perth 2018LUNAR GODDESS
6 Color Silkscreen measuring 12 x 36 inches.
Limited Edition of 295

On sale right now at Beyond The Pale http://beyondthepale.com.au/product/foo-fighters-perth-2018/

Skurktur Drab Majesty Berlin Poster

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The fine duo Skurktur have a new gig poster for Drab Majesty concert at Urban Spree, Berlin 2018.

These are 2 color screen prints on 42 x 59,4 cm, 300 g/m² stock. Signed & Numbered Edition of 50. Price 350 NOK (approx. 36€ / 44$) 

Available here: www.skurktur.tictail.com 

Greg Ruth & Boris Pelcer Movie Posters Release From Mondo

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On Tuesday Mondo will have a pair of stunning new posters celebrating two powerhouse genre films by filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos: THE LOBSTER and THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER!

Both of these films are amongst some of Mondo's favorites to come out over the last couple years, and they're proud to release posters from artists Boris Pelcer and Greg Ruth, respectively. Both Boris and Greg approached their posters with a depth worthy of each film's vastly different themes, and they both truly crushed it. To discuss further would take away from the experience of seeing these films, so they'll step aside and let the art (and artists) have the floor.

THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER is available on home video/Blu-Ray Tuesday and Mondo can't recommend seeing it fast enough. If you have yet to experience THE LOBSTER as well, consider saddling up for one of the craziest double features.

Both posters will be available for purchase at a random time Tuesday (1/23) via https://mondotees.com/.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Miles Tsang Nautilus Grave Art Print Release By PangeaSeed Exclusive Reveal

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest release of their ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 4 print suite by guest artist Miles Tsang (Canada). The highlighted species of this edition is the iconic nautilus. And I'm very happy to reveal this stunning piece of art Exclusively.

Title - Nautilus Grave
Dimensions - 18” x 24"
Number of colors - 5 color screen print
Signed and numbered by the artist
Paper - 110 lb. Smart White French Paper
Pricing (regular/cool blue variant) - $65/$75
Edition size (regular/cool blue variant) - 50/25
Printed by Miles Tsang

Available Wednesday, January 24 at 12pm PST via https://shop.pangeaseed.co/

Visit http://www.pangeaseed.org/ to learn more and help save our oceans!

Artist statement:
When pondering our relationship to the world and its oceans, I often find myself thinking of our connection to nature, which is a force that encompasses us, preceded us, and will succeed us whether we acknowledge our mortality in its face or not. As a living fossil and scavenger that has gone unaltered by evolution for nearly 500 million years, the mysterious nautilus represents these abstract ideas, though it is often hunted by humans for its ornamental shell, leading to calls for protections and regulation to prevent endangerment in modern times.

My piece “Nautilus Grave” ambiguously flips this callous and common narrative, portraying the alien but genteel nautili as dominant entities in relation to the human visitors depicted, symbolizing mindful deference to (rather than thoughtless exploitation of) these fascinating creatures and the realms in which they thrive.

Mile Tsang Umphrey's McGee Print Release

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Miles Tsang will be releasing his wicked poster for Umphrey's McGee 3 night stand at the Beacon Theatre in New York this past weekend.

Regular edition
16.5" x 24" 5-Color Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone True White)
AP/Regular Edition of #/50.
All posters glow in the dark.
Printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.
Commissioned by Umphrey's McGee for their 3 night run at New York's Beacon Theatre celebrating the band's 20th anniversary.

16.5" x 24" 5-Color Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone True White)
"Viserion Blue" Variant (Cool) Edition of #/80.
All posters glow in the dark.
Printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.
Commissioned by Umphrey's McGee for their 3 night run at New York's Beacon Theatre celebrating the band's 20th anniversary.

On sale Monday at Noon EST in his store at www.milestsang.com

Winner of the Kii Arens Nick Cave Poster

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So the Patriots are going to another Super Bowl, yawn. Should be a good game with that Eagles defense leading the way.

Another winner this weekend was Kevin with comment #16. Someone entered 2 comments so that is why the numbers are 1 off.

Kevin email me your address and I will be shipping the poster to you. My email is to the right, if you are viewing this on a mobile click web version to see the infoz.

Thanks to everyone that entered and to Kii Arens for providing the poster.

Shepard Fairey Obey Printing Press Letterpress Print Release

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Shepard Fairey has a new piece of art releasing this week. Obey Printing Press. 10 x 13 inches. Letterpress on cream cotton paper with hand-deckled edges. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $65. Obey publishing chop in lower left corner.

Available Tuesday, January 23 between 10 and 11AM (PST) and 5 and 6PM (PST) on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Nick Cave Free Friday Poster Giveaway


What's this you ask ? Finally a poster giveaway. Yes as I promised in the Newsletter (click here to subscribe) I sent a couple of weeks back Free Friday Poster Giveaways have returned. Some times life gets in the way of your best laid plans. But will try to do more this year.

For this one it features one of the kings of cool and rock legend, Nick Cave. The poster was designed by Kii Arens and it's from the 2014 concert in Los Angeles. As cold as it has been across the US this winter everyone is looking forward to summer, but Nick is always cool.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post via mobile or desktop) to leave a comment about what you are looking forward to doing this summer. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight Saturday January 20 and the winner will be announced on Monday gotta watch those football games on Sunday. FYI I will not chase the winner or email them, check back on Monday and see if you won.

Dan McCarthy Cold Hands and Warm Hearts Art Print

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Dan McCarthy has released his first print of 2018 and it's titled Cold Hands and Warm Hearts. It is 2 color screen print that measures 24" X 18" - Designed & Printed by Dan McCarthy. Prints come signed and numbered. There is also an option to get it on a wood panel as also.

Dan has a bigcartel webstore now and has released several older posters as well head over to http://danmccarthy.bigcartel.com/ to buy them.

Rhys Cooper Mononoke & Spirited Prints Release

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Rhys Cooper's first release of 2018 will be a couple of prints from a show last year. Mononoke & Spirited print set each one is a 7 color silkscreen poster on heavy paper stock printed with metallic and glow in the dark inks.

Both have edition of only 150 and are signed & numbered and measure 12 x 36 inches

Available Tuesday morning 23rd January, Australian time (around 7am - Melbourne), US WEST coast midday Monday 22nd January at http://studioseppuku.bigcartel.com/
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