Monday, October 23, 2017

Widespread Panic Milwaukee Print Collaboration Matt Leunig Jim Mazza Release

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This is the third time Matt Leunig has done a Milwaukee tour print for Widespread Panic and its becoming one of their big shows every year, they discussed doing something a little different this time around. Poster artist Jim Mazza is a badass illustrator and Matt has always liked his work for years. THey had been talking about doing a collaboration on a piece for a while and this event seemed the perfect opportunity. As the show was a 3-day event a triptych of posters seemed to be the perfect approach.

 With Milwaukee being Brew City they loved the idea of a crazy Alice in Wonderland-themed Roktoberfest with bottle cap mushrooms and flying beer bottles. It truly was a collab with each of them taking elements of each others posters into their own and countlessly sending ideas/sketches back and forth. Matt did the left poster and Jim the right poster then both of them worked on the center one.

The band received a print run of 200 of each poster as well as 200 uncut sheets. Each print is 12′ x 24′, the uncut measuring 36′ x 24.

Jim and Matt have an Artist Edition of 40 sets (20 uncuts) that they split and will be selling at the same time on their individual websites.

Along with the regular edition they will have a small variant run of cut sets/uncuts on different foil papers available,.. including:
– Rainbow Foil (Cut sets – 28/ Uncuts – 20)
– Sparkle Foil (Cut sets – 8/ Uncuts – 8)
– Oil Slick Foil (Cut sets – 18/ Uncuts – 18)
– Lava Foil (Cut sets – 23/ Uncuts – 20)

On sale Monday at 2pm EDT at

QOTSA Washington Print Release By Zoltron

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A Little Occult Book for Queens of the Stone Age from their Washington concert

Artist edition of 100
Signed, Embossed, Numbered AE/100
Some Colorful Satanic Variants.. For Kids

Artist release Tuesday around 11am PDT at Get there early, we'll eat graham crackers and sacrifice a goat!

Todd Slater Alabama Shakes Portland Poster

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Todd Slater has released his latest poster and it is stunning. Done for the Alabama Shakes concert in Portland back in August.

Poster is 18 x 24 inches 4 color screenprint with an artist signed and numbered edition of 75. Show date was August 5, 2017 at Thompson's Point in Portland, ME.

He also released a shirt with same image on it as well, dont miss it.

Buy it at

Brian Methe Kings of Leon Columbus Poster Release

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Here is Brian Methe's new Kings of Leon poster from the Friday night show in Columbus.

Posters are 12x18 inches, three color screen print, limited to 30, signed/numbered APs.

Buy them at

Ravi Zupa Love Thy Enemy Letterpress Print Release

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Shepard Fairey is proud to announce the upcoming release of Ravi Zupa‘s “Love Thy Enemy” letterpress and his guest artist series for Obey Clothing. Ravi Zupa is a rare find as an artist, with an astounding command of a broad range of techniques and aesthetics. Ravi demonstrates mastery in a renaissance painting style, collage, printmaking, and drawing. The rich fusion of techniques in his work could be presumed to be appropriation, but it is not… all of the elements are rendered by Ravi.

Love Thy Enemy. 10 x 13 inches. #Letterpress on cream cotton paper with hand-deckled edges. Signed by #RaviZupa. Numbered edition of 200. $55.

Available Tuesday, October 24 at 10 AM PDT on in Store under Prints.

Skurktur Der Weg Einer Freiheit Berlin Poster

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Skurktur is a two man artist team with one German and one Norwegian. They have a new gig poster for the German black metal band Der Weg Einer Freiheit.

These are 2 color screen prints on 42 x 59,4 cm, 300 g/m² stock. Regular edition of 50. Price 350 NOK (approx. 37€ / 44$) 

The posters were created for the band’s live show on October 14 at Lido in Berlin, Germany. The design was inspired by the novel "Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse, of which the concept of the lyrics on the band’s latest album “Finisterre” is based on.

Variant editions on metallic silver and vanilla stock also available.

Available here: 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

QOTSA Boston Print By Jim Mazza Release

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Hey Hey Southie I got your poster right here. Take a look at what Jim Mazza did for you and the Queens of the Stone Age for their concert last night is Boston.

Posters are 18 x 24 inch 5 color screenprints and there will be 5 different variants as well.

So around 1pm EDT today Sunday after your done ironing your Tom Brady jersey you can go get yourself a nice dog over at

Friday, October 20, 2017

Eddie Colla Ming Aluminum Etched Editions Release

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As part of 1xRUN's Murals in the Marketplace Eddie Colla had an amazing solo show titled "Enumeration". The items from the show can be purchased HERE.

One of the new releases is Ming.

Ming - Silver Variant edition of 50
16 x 20 Inches 1-Color Chemical Etching on .030 Stainless Steel

Buy the Silver HERE

Gold Variant edition of 15
16 x 20 Inches 1-Color Chemical Etching on .032 Brass

Buy the Gold HERE

Adam Pobiak Moving Poster Sale

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Big news in the land of Adam Pobiak. he is moving! Adam has to shut down his shop while he moves and also figure out shipping etc in a new land, which happens to be Germany.

There is a good chance he will not be up and running before Christmas so get em while the gettin's good! Every order placed before he shuts down on Sunday October 22 will receive one free poster of his choosing. Still lots of great stuff up there... A couple Clapton LA prints, some Furthur prints, still have a few Flatstock prints, great Royal Trux posters. So help him make the move easier and go get some posters.

Go nuts at

Shelterbelt Studio War On Drugs St Paul Poster

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Johnny Quinine of Shelterbelt Studio has a couple of new posters. One for Ufommammut and one for The War on Drugs show in St Paul. Screenprinted with Fluorescent pink and midnight blue ink on 100 lb. French stock. Poster size: 18" x 24"

Buy them at